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Welcome to the Materials Management Department

Below are brief descriptions and links to applications developed to technologically support the Materials Management Department focusing on the procurement to consumption processes within GuySuCo.

Plan Procure and Consume: Use this application to plan for Standard, Consignment, Factory and AMR items. The process is simple and it provides meaningful notifications. The manual can be accessed from the application's menu.
Eprocurement Application: EPRO launches the MMD Module of the Eprocurement Application that facilitates creating, publishing, viewing of all Tenders and RFQs electronically. It allows the recording of all incidents and the evaluation of vendors' performance.
Stores Materials Requisitioning Application: Use this application for the requisitioning of all items from local stores and or inter-estate stores for consumption.
Material Cost Update: Expedites the updating of item cost to include freight charges and or other changes/ taxes. A search is first performed using the purchase order number.
General Manuals: Use the link to access all related manuals pertaining to inventory, purchasing and other users' related activities in MMD.

GuySuCo's Procurement Manual